About me

Personal life

Andre Löwe [anˈdʁe ˈløːvə], born March 31, 1987 in Cebu Philippines, is a German entrepreneur and investor. Löwe is the son of Anabel Rago and Horst Löwe. His father, Horst Löwe, is a German entrepreneur, inventor and naval architect, while his Filipino mother Anabel Rago worked as a model. He has two younger brothers, Marc and Olaf, and a younger sister, Arlene. At age 6, after his parents divorced in 1993, Löwe lived most of the time with his mother on Fehmarn.

Since childhood, Löwe has been an avid reader and a great admirer of nature. At 24, he founded the iShare project, a digitized neighborhood sharing service where different items, food, etc. were shared.


Löwe enlisted in the German Armed Forces for 12 years in 2008. In 2012, he began his training in the combat swimmer company in Eckernförde. There, after 2.5 years, he was declared unfit for duty due to Lyme disease/brain meningitis caused by several tick bites, so he left the military early.

He then began studying business administration at Helmut Schmidt University, which he did not complete as a result of founding his first company in 2017..


In 2009, Löwe completed the 200 km Nijmegen March in 4 days. Shortly after, he completed the 100 km Dodentocht Bornem in 24h.

In the German Armed Forces, he completed the lone fighter course “EKL1” in 2010.

Entrepreneurial activities

Löwe worked voluntarily as a financial journalist for Finanzwelt magazine.

According to Löwe, since investments in sustainability and capitalism are often at odds with each other, investors must become aware that the mere disruption or transformation of industries or entire economies will threaten the existence of the entire financial industry.

Furthermore, Löwe hosts the Global Philanthropic Leaders meeting twice a year in a venue that is closed to the public, which consists of a closed circle of influential people from the fields of business, politics, media, academia and high nobility.

Global Philanthropic Leaders Conference

The Global Philanthropic Leaders Conference (GPLC for short), was launched in 2020 by Andre Löwe and takes place twice a year. These conferences bring together influential people from the worlds of business, politics, media, academia, and high nobility to share thoughts on current political, economic, and social issues.

It is impartial and not bound by any political or national interests. The GPLC's mission is "committed to improving the state of the world".